The Virtual
Happiness Retreat

The Tuscan Team

  • Debbie

    Your Host

    Debbie Travis

    After years of hosting life-changing retreats at Villa Reniella in the heart of Tuscany, Debbie will now bring Tuscany home to you. She is your guide throughout the weekend’s activities.

  • team-callout2a

    Your Host

    Jacky Brown

    Jacky is a nutritional therapist and passionately looks after the nutritional health needs of our retreat guests. During this virtual weekend she will be discussing how we strive for optimum health and sharing Tuscan recipes that are packed with goodness.

  • Pam

    Your Host

    Pam Powers

    Pam is our wonderful retreat psychologist and leads the meditation and mindfulness classes at the retreats. She will be our meditation teacher at the end of our day with plenty of tips on how we can de-stress, relax and rejuvenate.

  • Chef-Francesco

    Your Host

    Chef Francesco Bucaletti

    Chef Francesco is a true Tuscan chef and his cooking lessons are always a highlight at the villa. Join us as we cook along with him and learn the delights of Tuscan cuisine.

  • Sandra

    Your Host

    Sandra Schmidig

    Sandra has been passionate and enthusiastic about the benefits of organic farming for over 20 years. During our virtual retreat, we will visit Sandra at her truely Tuscan, organic farm and learn the art of breadmaking.

  • IMG_8040

    Your Host

    Jen Warakomski

    Jen hails from NYC, but has adopted Tuscany as her home. She will be leading our yoga classes amongst the olive trees. Whether you are a novice or experienced Jen’s yoga is for everyone. She will also be sharing journaling tips and taking us into the world of essential oils and how they can help us feel more balanced and in tune with our mind and body.

  • Frances

    Your Host

    Frances Mayes

    The international bestselling author, best known for her epic novel Under the Tuscan Sun will discuss what it is like to follow our dreams, the challenges we may encounter and how to overcome them. Debbie will chat with Frances in her home town of Cortona.

  • liz

    Your Host

    Liz Wilde

    Acclaimed life coach, Liz Wilde coaches clients around the world on how to lose negativity and live with more joy. Liz is a regular contributor to British magazines and newspapers, and is the author of sixteen books.

  • Bita Doagoo

    Your Host

    Bita Doagoo

    Bita is a Naturopathic Doctor and Entrepreneur. Her goal is to enhance your love of food through enriching your knowledge of nutrition and best health practices. Bita launched The Detox Market in Canada and is an avid supporter of green beauty, both inside and out.