Debbie Travis’ Organic Olive Oil

We produce an amazing certified organic Olive Oil from trees growing in Tuscany at high altitude.



The store will re-open at the beginning of September 2024 for our 2024 harvest and we will start shipping mid-November 2024.

The harvest of our juicy, beautiful organic olives usually takes place from mid-October to mid-November and we are shipping your orders from Italy directly to your door.

Our DT EVOO comes in a beautiful 500ml bottle, which also makes a delicious and interesting hostess or holiday gift. Our minimum order is a case of 12 bottles and is a great way to share with family, friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at
(514) 846-1940, Ext 226.


Our top quality Tuscan, Certified Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil is produced in limited quantities from trees growing on our small farm. The farm is 100% organic, certified with the European ICEA seal. This means that our land is guaranteed to be free of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs and that the fruit that grows on it is as pure and natural as nature intended it to be.  Producing extra virgin olive oil the traditional way is a labour of love and we are delighted to be able to share this gift of nature with you.

If you have never tasted fresh, extra virgin olive oil, you are in for a real treat. This liquid gold has the most glorious colour and is alive with a complex blend of flavours. It is delicate yet peppery, smooth and vibrant, and the grassy aroma has a sense of sweet hay with a hint of artichoke.  Stored in a cool, dark place, our EVOO lasts more than 2 years from date of harvest.

The experience of picking the olives is a truly magical experience and our son Max made this beautiful, short video of our first harvest experience to inspire you.